Preparation continues on “My Dearest Friend.”

John and Abigail share a quiet moment at "Peacefield."

John and Abigail share a quiet moment at "Peacefield." Photo by Scott Baisden.

Wow! I can’t believe August is almost gone already and I haven’t posted an update. Our main goal this month was to make strides in visual publicity for “My Dearest Friend.” This is a visual era and we know we need visual media to attract visitors to our show in November. SOOOOOOO, we got with our buddy, Scott Baisden, who is great with all things camera. He took a bunch of stills for us, but, more importantly, he helped us shoot a short video that we can upload to YouTube and post here on the web site. MB adapted the script from Mary G. Kron’s full-length version and we used outdoor settings near Aquinas College and Wilcox Park. Interiors were shot in our home, doubling for Quincy, Mass. and St. Cecilia, doubling for Philadelphia. Great thanks to Kalena Meyers and Martha Cudlipp at St. Cecilia for their help!
The video should be ready in early October, so stay tuned! Stills will post on the web site over the next few weeks, so come back often to see what we’re up to!
p.s. — an Adams history update will be posted soon!

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