GEM Theatrics celebrates Black History Month!

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As I’m sure most of you know, February is Black History Month, and while I’m not black, I do know some history and I thought I’d share some information with you.
Here at GEM Theatrics, we spend quite a bit of time delving into the early days of our country. Our newest production, “My Dearest Friend” by Mary G. Kron, focusses on the lives of John and Abigail Adams, who both had strong opinions on the issues of slavery and racial equality. We today tend to think of slavery as a southern state phenominon, and largely it was, as a result of the largely agricultural economy of the South. But, the sad truth is that for many years after the first settlers came to our shores at Jamestown and Plymouth, African slavery was a way of life in most of the thirteen colonies until the Revolution and after. And, even after slavery was abolished in some northern colonies, New England seafarers profited from the slave trade by carrying slaves to America in ships as part of the “triangle trade” (‘Molasses to Rum to Slaves’ from “1776”).
In fact, Abigail Adams’ own father, the Reverend William Smith, had owned a slave, Phoebe, that had been well beloved by Abigail. Reverend Smith made provisions in his will to free Phoebe and provided her with a life-long pension. Phoebe was married in John and Abigail’s home and Abigail put her in charge of the Adams’ household when she went to France and, later, England to be with her husband in the 1780s.
Despite this history of slavery, even in her own family, Abigail was convinced that slavery was wrong and that blacks deserved equal educational, if not social and political, rights. Indeed, she recounts in her letters a memorable incident with a local resident about the education of a free hired black lad working on the Adams’ farm. A telling of that story is on the first page of our website —
It is possible that John Adams lagged behind his wife in his thinking about this issue. I’ve come to the conclusion that Abigail was often more “progressive” than John is areas of social conscience, but John, his cousin Samuel Adams, and others, recognized that the slavery issue would one day impede the country’s progress. Sam Adams wrote in the 1770s that the slavery issue would cause “trouble a hundred years hence.” John wrote that slavery would “cost the country dear.” Even Thomas Jefferson, main author of the Declaration of Independence, and a slave-holder, included language in the Declaration condemning it, but southern state delegates forced it to be removed.
Slavery was, of course, officially abolished after the Civil War by the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 would officially do away with segregation and racial discrimination, but we all know that the fight for equality goes on.
For myself, I hope that the day comes soon when, in the words of Abigail Adams: “I heard nothing more about the matter” and that we “shall all go to heaven together.”

ps — MB and I will be at the Grand Rapids Public Library February 13 at 7p to present our signature piece, “Love Letters” by A. R. Gurney. Admission is free! AND Gary is performing with AP Theatrical in Holland in “Marriage Is Murder” by Nick Hall. This is dinner theater. The food is very good and the price is reasonable. Performances are every Friday and Saturday in February. Go to for details and to order tickets.

February is a hot month for GEM Theatrics personnel!

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While February is usually a cold and cruel month here in West Michigan, this year is starting out as an exception. After a very warm January, February is continuing the trend, with temperatures in the 40s today.
Whatever the weather, this February will be a hot month for us here at GEM Theatrics. We invite all our friends to join us February 13 at the Grand Rapids Public Library as we perform our signature piece, “Love Letters”! This performance starts at 7pm and is absolutely free! So, come celebrate Valentine’s Day with Andy and Melissa, thanks to the good people at GRPL. You’ll be glad you did! Check the rest of the website for more information about this Pulitzer Prize nominated show.
Even while those preparations are going on, I’ve been busy working with my good friends at AP Theatrical to appear in their Winter production of “Marriage is Murder.” This is a very funny tale of a now divorced husband and wife murder mystery writing team, who are suddenly re-united when there’s a demand for more novels starring their detective, Miss Charlie. The couple’s separation was acrimonious and their way of writing is to try the possible ways of murdering people out on each other, so there’s a lot of hilarious tension. This show runs Fridays and Saturdays in February beginning February 10. Tickets are just $35 for dinner and the show, or $18 for the show only. That’s a great value because the food is great! Venue is the Baker Lofts in Holland. For more information, or to order tickets, go to
This year also marks the bi-centennial of the War of 1812, and that has our John and Abigail Adams noses twitching with excitement! I’ll bring you up to date on that War and the Adams’ part in it in my next blog. Stay tuned!
Until then, stay warm and safe and dry and be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Happy Holidays!!

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This is the time of year when we get a lot of messages that begin “All of us at _____ wish you a joyous, etc.” And that’s great, and we smile. But, here at GEM Theatrics, there is no “all of us.” There’s just Mary Beth and me. So, let me make this as personal as I can:
Mary Beth and I sincerely wish that this Holiday season is filled with as much joy as your heart can stand, as much love as your heart can hold, and as much cheer as your heart can bestow. And may 2012 give to all of us a smile, a handshake, a hug, a tear or two (of joy) and good health, a warm bed and love in abundance. If we can get those things, the rest will take care of itself.
Peace, my friends, and love — the mercenary stuff will resume after the Holidays!

Exciting News! and Request for Help

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As I write this, West Michigan is getting its first real snow of the season!  Yep, the Holidays are here and I have a couple of gifts for you and some exciting news.

First, the gifts — Check out our home page and you’ll find a new video taken right from the premiere of “My Dearest Friend” by Mary G. Kron that appeared at the Dog Story Theater in November.  This short clip shows John and Abigail Adams celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  For those of you not familiar with why we have parades and shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July, listen closely to what John Adams says.  There’s also another video from the show on the “My Dearest Friend” tab in the “Current Productions” menu on our website.  Take a look at these videos and I think you’ll see what a quality production this is — one that you’ll want to see if it comes around again or to recommend to your group (school, library, museum, corporate outing)!

Now the news — Our home page also provides information about our upcoming performance of our signature piece, “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney on February 13, 2012 at the Grand Rapids Public Library.  Mary Beth and I are delighted to be asked to share this tender and unique look at a fifty year relationship, told entirely through letters, for Valentine’s Day!  Admission will be free, so mark the date on your calendars and keep checking the website for more details.  Come watch us play!

Last, the request — Websites are great, social media is fun, but word of mouth and personal connections are the best!  If you saw our show and liked it, if you’ve been to our website ( and were impressed with our product offerings, if you appreciate history and quality theater, then we need you to tell others about GEM Theatrics.  Send your friends or associates to our website, let your child’s social studies teacher know about “My Dearest Friend”, mention our shows to colleagues in your office or at your social gatherings.  Get these people to visit our site and fill out our new contact form.  We can’t do it all — We need YOU!

Mary Beth and I wish all of you a safe and joyous holiday season!

Is it Something in the DNA?

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I’ve always been interested in genealogy. It started in Sixth grade, when I was required to do a report about my family for English class. I interviewed all my relatives (all within shouting distance, anyway), and came away with very little. My parents and grandparents, it seemed, had little interest in their family trees and it was hard to find out anything really constructive or juicy. Plus, my extended family mostly came from far away from my home in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I wrote to some family members in Flint and Detroit, but didn’t get anything but vague answers. It was frustrating.
About a year and a half ago, spurred by genealogy shows on PBS and NBC, I got a membership to and tackled the subject anew. is a great tool where you not only get access to a LOT of records databases, but also have access to other members who let you peek at their public trees for people you both might be related to. Those things give you access to a real wealth of information to help people trace their roots back. The site has a bit of a learning curve and you have to use discretion in borrowing from information provided from other public members. I’ve had to learn, for example, to weed out those trees which show children being born to 60 year-old mothers (possible now, but I suspect out of the realm of possibility then!).
What does all this have to do with GEM Theatrics? Wait for it! Wait for it!
For as long as I can remember, I’ve also been fascinated by American History, especially from the Revolution to the Civil War. And also, for as long as I can remember, John Adams has been my favorite Founding Father. He wasn’t tall or athletic — he was sort of like me. He was intelligent and cerebral — he was sort of like me. He was “obnoxious and disliked” — he was sort of like me (depending who you ask). So, while Washington was a great hero (again depending who you ask), Franklin was a great negotiator, wit, and diplomat, Paul Revere and Sam Adams were great zealots and Tom Paine was a great spinner of propaganda, I always gravitated to John Adams. Also, I suppose I envied him; he found the love of his life fairly early and never, till death, let her go. It took me a lot longer to make that discovery (thanks, MB, for finally bringing that joy to me!). I read everything I could about John Adams, and I fell in love with the play “1776”. A few years ago, I got the opportunity to actually be in this show at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. I didn’t play John Adams, but it was close enough.
I can feel you fidgeting in your seats, so I’ll get to it: Through the magic of, I can now say, without any real certainly whatever (but I don’t care), that I may be related to John Adams. Documents point to the distinct possibility that my 11th Great Grandfather was Robert Adams, whose brother, Henry Adams, founded the Adams dynasty in America that would turn out two Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. And that possibility has made me wonder: Did I gravitate to John Adams early in my life because he seemed like me, and that was it, or was there something deeper going on? Could John Adams have been my very distant cousin and could that DNA have left some sort of subliminal imprint on my being? I don’t know either enough science or philosophy to figure all of that out. For now, I just revel in the discovery and bask in the possibility of reflected glory. For a day, at least, it makes me smile!
“My Dearest Friend” is now ready to tour! Show video is coming to the website very soon! So, if you know a venue where folks would like to have history and romance come alive, or if you know a social studies or history teacher who needs to fill an hour in history class — send them here to the website. We can make it happen! Let us play for you!

Show video is coming!

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Many thanks to Nancy Smith, who recorded the show last Saturday night! We have the DVD and will be editing snippets and posting them on Youtube and here on the website. Expect it right after the Thanksgiving holiday.
We at GEM Theatrics have much to be thankful for: We are blessed with good health and wonderful friends, we’re doing great theatre and have received some interest in bringing our shows to venues in the New Year! We could be busier — if you have a venue that could use quality entertainment, call or email us! You’ll be very glad you did!
We each wish all of you a fabulous Turkey Day!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

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Mary Beth and I want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all who attended this weekend’s performances of “My Dearest Friend.” The audiences were great and the reception we received told us that people were ready for some wonderful drama, history and romance!
Our work at Dog Story is done, but the big work of spreading the word just begins. We’ve sent printed material to lots of schools, libraries, museums and other venues, but we need word of mouth to get the message to as many places as possible that there’s a great piece of entertainment available at an affordable price that is a work of quality.
We’ll help you by having a short video of part of the actual show posted on our website. But, if you liked the show and thought others would too, then YOU have to spread the word! We don’t have the name recognition of GR Civic, or Actors’, or Bway GR — we depend on YOU to tell those you know that this is a quality performance.
I’ll keep you posted regarding developments as they happen.
Thanks again to all who came and showed your support. We love you all!

Countdown — Liftoff!!

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Tonight’s the night!! “My Dearest Friend” launches tonight at 8p at Dog Story Theater, 7 Jefferson, Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has been months in the making — from having the idea of bringing the lives and love of John and Abigail Adams to life on stage, to hiring accomplished playwright Mary G. Kron to craft a produceable play, to getting Scott Baisden on board to help with still and moving pictures, to hiring Todd M. Lewis to compose original music, and to putting in long hours learning lines, making set, props and costumes, blocking the show, building the characters, feeling the emotions, researching the lives of the characters and the history. . . . The list goes on and on.
But tonight none of those things will matter. Not to you, the audience. Tonight will be for you, and if we’ve done our jobs right, you won’t see the component parts, but just the whole — two hours of transportation into the parlor of John and Abigail Adams. You’ll be the Adams’ guests as they recount the “joys and sorrows, prosperity and adversity” of their lives together. If you leave the theater educated, enlightened, moved and entertained, we’ll know our work was worth it.
Dog Story tells us that tickets are going fast. I urge you reserve today! And if you come to see the show, stay long enough to say “Hi”; we’ll be glad to see you!

Countdown — T-1

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Whether you get only a couple of rehearsal days in the actual theatre or nearly a week, it all comes down to this — final dress rehearsal! When your schedule is compressed, as ours is because we only get the Dog Story Theater for as many days as we can pay for (and as many days as the theater is empty, which isn’t many), the final day is long. We did two run throughs today; one to iron out the final technical problems and one to finally put our costumes on and see how they worked. As usual, I found the process of putting the costume on transformative. I don’t mean that I couldn’t play John Adams without the costume, I could. And, I’ve taught acting long enough to know that acting isn’t the set, the lights, the costumes and the sound cues, it’s what goes on in the actor’s head. Indeed, one of the best pieces of acting I’ve ever seen is a grainy old kinescope copy of the famous Gielgud/Burton “Hamlet” where the actors wore “rehearsal clothes” (really just ’60s street clothes). But what I mean about the transformative nature of putting on the costume for “My Dearest Friend” is that period clothes make you feel like you are part of the period. Posture becomes more important because it’s the only way those clothes look good on a person. I’m aware of leg position because my calves are exposed, only covered by stockings. And I think I move more elegantly because I feel more elegant!
So today, the show took a big step forward, a step that leads, inexorably, to opening night. We’ve done our part; we’ve put together a quality entertainment that we’re very proud of. Now, it’s your turn, because a show without an audience is like a tree that falls deep in the forest — it makes no sound.
If you’ve read these blogs with interest, then come and see our show — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Tell others who maybe haven’t heard about us and urge them to attend as well. Get them to tell their friends and before you know it, we’ll have a hit, just like the story of Independence we tell.
Come watch us play!!

Countdown — T-2

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I want to step back from the fun and excitement of bringing “My Dearest Friend” to the Dog Story stage on Friday and talk about something serious.
Today is a down day for us here at GEM Theatrics because I have a “real” job that must be attended to. Don’t get me wrong: I love teaching at Davenport University and The Thomas M. Cooley Law School and, the economy being what it is, any job is a great job. But anyone who knows me knows that appearing in and producing plays is what really gets my juices flowing. It’s just that other things get in the way, and so there will be no rehearsal today. That doesn’t mean we’re not working to bring the best entertainment we can to our stage. Line rehearsals continue, characters still perk inside our heads and research goes on. AND, while I’m at school today, Mary Beth and Joel go to Dog Story to help unpack the new seating that will debut along with “My Dearest Friend” (and if you’ve been to Dog Story, you know this is a major, major improvement!).
What lead to all of this is a photo I saw on Facebook about the importance of supporting local businesses, including local artists, designers and crafters. When we buy locally, more of our money stays in and circulates through our community. Local employers are the biggest source of jobs in our economy. AND you say to those entrepreneurs “We appreciate what you do for us.” GEM Theatrics is an example. Our latest production was written by a local, talented author, Mary G. Kron. It stars two local theatre professionals, is performed in a locally owned theater and is supported by local technicians and a local composer, Todd M. Lewis. I am not knocking Broadway GR or Miller Auditorium or the Van Singel, who bring in touring shows — they’re great, but if you’ve seen a show at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Actors’ Theatre, Circle Theatre or at the Dog Story, you know that our local talent can stand toe to toe with New York and Chicago professionals in terms of talent and entertainment value — all at an affordable price.
So yup, I want you to come and see “My Dearest Friend” this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Dog Story Theater, but even if you don’t (shame on you!), before you go to the big box store and buy something made in China, why not check to see if there’s not a similar item made in the USA and sold locally through a local merchant. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised and then gratified that you did!
We at GEM Theatrics appreciate it! Oh yeah, if you come to the show, stay a few minutes after and say hi — we’d love to see you!

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